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Starting @ Rs.137 per month.

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Our Google Workspace optimization and Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud agility assure your success in the ever-changing cloud computing market.

Cloud Computing Services
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Cloud solutions give you a lot of options, which can help your business reach new heights. Join the change now and see the huge effects of cloud transformation.
Google workspace
Google Workspace
137 /m
  • Custom and secure business email
  • 100-participant video meetings
  • 30 GB storage per user
  • Security and management controls
  • Standard support
Microsoft office 365
Microsoft 365
145 /m
  • Web and mobile versions of Microsoft 365 apps only
  • Chat, call, meet up to 300 attendees
  • 1 TB of cloud storage per user
  • Business-class email
  • Standard security
  • Anytime phone and web support
Business Emails
Business Email
100 /m
  • 5 GB space per account
  • Get Additional Storage at ₹30.00/5GB
  • Email IDs like abc@yourdomain.com
  • Sleek Webmail
  • Mobile Sync
  • Auto-responders
  • Advanced Calendar & more
Linux Shared hosting
Linux Shared Hosting
160.00 /m
  • Unmetered SSD Disk Space
  • Unmetered Data Transfer
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Free cPanel
  • 1-click Install Enabled
Windows Shared hosting
Windows Shared Hosting
235.00 /m
  • Unmetered Disk Space
  • Unmetered Data Transfer
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Free Plesk
  • Free SSL Installation
Wordpress hosting
WordPress Hosting
560.00 /m
  • Supports 200,000 visits/mo.
  • Automatic WordPress updates
  • 1 GB Automated Cloud Backup
  • WP Database Optimized
SSD dedicated server hosting
SSD Dedicated Server Hosting
7799.00 /m
  • Intel Xeon D-2141 I
  • 2.2 Ghz (8 Core/16 Threads)
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 500 GB SSD in RAID 1
  • 5 TB Data Transfer
  • Dedicated IP + Free IP’s
  • Full Root Access
  • Instant Provisioning
dedcated servers hosting
Dedicated Servers Hosting
4,999.00 /m
  • Intel E3-1220LV2
  • Dual Core
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 1000 GB HDD in RAID 1
  • 5 TB Data Transfer
  • 1 Dedicated IP + 2 Free IP’s
  • Full Root Access
  • Instant Provisioning
SSD Dedicated Server Hosting
Windows Dedicated Servers Hosting
9400.00 /m
  • Intel E3-1220v3
  • 3.10 GHz Quad Core
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 1 TB HDD in RAID 1
  • 1 TB Bandwidth
  • 1 Dedicated IP + 2 Free IP’s
  • Full Root Access
  • Instant Provisioning
Managed Dedicated Server Hosting
Managed Dedicated Server Hosting
10999.00 /m
  • Intel E3-1265LV2
  • Quad Core
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 1000 GB HDD in RAID 1
  • 10 TB Data Transfer
  • 1 Dedicated IP + 2 Free IP’s
  • Full Root Access
  • Instant Provisioning
CodeGuard Website Backup
100.00 /m
  • 1 GB Disk Space
  • AES 256 bit Encryption
  • Upto 5 Websites
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Automatic Backup Every 5 Days
  • 3 Full Website Restores
  • 5 Individual File Restores
SSL Certificate
Comodo SSL Certificates
47.00 /m
  • Domain Validation
  • 1 Sub-domain
  • SHA2 & ECC 128/256 bit Encryption
  • Trust Logo Supported
  • Issued within 2 Days
  • Free Reissuance
  • $10,000 Warranty
SiteLock Website Security
68.00 /m
  • Scanning for basic websites
  • Scan 25 Pages
  • Daily Automatic Malware Scan
  • Network Scan
  • Trust Seal available
  • 1-time Scan for Web Apps, SQL Injection and XSS
Better DC,

Multiple ISPs, and Neustar DDOS.

Easy Set-up

Easy Set-up

Seamless integration with
our HTTP API and storefront
WHM & cPanel

WHM & cPanel

Web Hosting management
made easy
Free Migration

Free Migration

Transfer Websites from your current partner
Top Notch Hosting Solution


400+ Ready-to-install apps
and more


High Performance
CDN & Network Security

99.99% Uptime

Top-tier DC, redundant ISP links
and Neustar’s DDoS protection
99.99% Uptime
To Us, Our Customers Come First
Therefore, you should accept nothing but the best.
Demonstrated Extent and Proficiency
Demonstrated Extent and Proficiency
Catering to a global clientele of 2,000+ across 150+ countries, overseeing management of over 5 million domains.
Smooth and Exceptional Assistance
Smooth and Exceptional Assistance
Benefit from dedicated and specialized 24/7 support delivered by a team of 50 skilled professionals.
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Not completely satisfied? Receive a full refund within 30 days, no inquiries required.

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JSL International

The Best Digital marketing agency in USA, We had our Digital Marketing and website development done along with social media marketing by iDigitalise.

Vaughn Ramcharitar, COO

Houston, USA

BlueMagic Group

One of the Best Digital Marketing Agency with an incredible team of passionate, intelligent, digital marketing growth specialists.

Pasquale Minasi, CEO


Technosoft Engineering Inc

We’ve been working with iDigitalise Digital Marketing Agency for almost 2 years now, and their expertise and dedication have been outstanding. From SEO to paid campaigns, they have transformed our online presence and driving remarkable results. They have excellent team and their collaborative approach, strategic thinking, and exceptional customer service make them an excellent choice. I highly recommended! Special thanks to Prajakta, Sajjad, Aliya, Vikas and their entire team. Keep up the good work !

Ashish Pawar, Creative Head


Arihant Superstructure Ltd

Creative Digital marketing agency in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. People with knowledge will help you at every step related to social media.

Umesh Jhawar, Vice President

Mumbai, India

Albania Padel

In my opinion, This is the best Digital Marketing agency. I have tried to work with several agencies here and found iDigitalise to be the most trustworthy and creative. Look forward to working with the team on my future projects, too.

Alessandro Pallini, CEO

One of the Leading digital marketing company, creative and innovative. Excellent art and design, with excellent content and planning.

Jit Khatri, Founder


Astro Technology Group

On behalf of Astro Mobile Africa, I am impressed by the service that iDigitalise provides, for the past 3 years we have been enjoying splendid Google Apps and Web Hosting service

Tafadzwa Jengwa, IT Manager


Kanath Engineering Pvt Ltd

The team at iDigitalise has been handling our SEO and social media marketing for the last 6 months and we are very happy with their services. Manav Singh has been very proactive and has managed our requirements very well.

Pratik Kanath, Director


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    iWebHost offers comprehensive G-Suite services, streamlining communication and collaboration. With Gmail, Drive, Docs, and more, iWebHost enhances productivity. Seamlessly integrate powerful tools for businesses, enabling efficient teamwork and data management. iWebHost’s G Suite services are reliable and secure, with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Elevate your workflow with iWebHost’s expert G-Suite solutions.

    Google Workspace is a set of work apps that includes Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, Meet, Chat, and more. It’s a tool in the cloud that lets you work with other people in real time.

    Absolutely. Experience the power of G-Space with our risk-free trial. Discover how it can elevate your business before committing. Your journey to enhanced productivity and collaboration starts today.

    Security is paramount. Explore how G-Space employs cutting-edge encryption, multi-factor authentication, and advanced threat detection to keep your data safe from prying eyes. Your valuable information remains shielded, giving you peace of mind.

    Absolutely. Dive into real-world examples of seamless teamwork, from editing documents simultaneously to hosting virtual meetings effortlessly. G-Space empowers your team to collaborate in real-time, whether they’re in the same room or continents apart.

    G-Space is flexible. Uncover how its customizable features, integration capabilities, and various plans cater to your specific business requirements. Tailor G-Space to fit your company’s workflows and goals seamlessly.

    Yes, it does. Explore how G-Space’s intuitive interface and unified communication tools, including email, chat, and video conferencing, foster transparent and efficient conversations within your organization, regardless of location.

    Prepare for success. Learn how G-Space scales with your business, accommodating new users and expanding capabilities as you grow. Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, G-Space can evolve alongside you.

    Smooth transitions are key. Get insights into our hassle-free onboarding process and support resources. See how our experts ensure that migrating to G-Space is seamless, so you can focus on what you do best.

    Discover how G-Space, powered by Google Workspace, reshapes collaboration, communication, and productivity for businesses of all sizes. Learn how you can streamline your operations, enhance team dynamics, and maximize efficiency.

    At iWebHost, we provide tailored email solution services designed to cater to businesses of every scale. Our email services ensure unwavering reliability, top-notch security, and user-friendly functionality. Our comprehensive feature set is aimed at enhancing business communication and fostering seamless collaboration. Trust iWebHost as your ideal partner for a proficient and trustworthy email solution that perfectly suits your professional needs.

    Business Email Hosting provides professional email addresses using your own domain name (e.g., yourname@yourcompany.com) instead of a generic email address (e.g., yourname@gmail.com). It offers enhanced security, more storage, and collaboration features tailored for businesses.

    Yes, both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 allow you to use your existing domain for email hosting. You can easily set up and configure your domain with the chosen service.

    Cloud-based email solutions offer benefits such as easy access from anywhere with an internet connection, automatic backups and synchronization, enhanced security measures, and scalability to accommodate growing business needs.

    Yes, both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 provide offline access to your emails and files through their respective desktop applications. This feature allows you to work even without an internet connection and syncs your data once you are back online.

    Yes, both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 offer plans tailored for small businesses. These plans provide essential features and tools to help small teams collaborate effectively and manage their emails and documents efficiently.

    Both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 take data security seriously and implement measures such as encryption in transit and at rest, multi-factor authentication, regular backups, and compliance with industry standards to safeguard your data and privacy.

    Business Email Hosting refers to a service that provides professional-grade email accounts using a dedicated email server for improved security, reliability, and customization.

    Unlike free email services, Business Email Hosting offers personalized domain-based email addresses (e.g., yourname@yourcompany.com), better data privacy, and enhanced email management features.

    iWebHost offers cutting-edge Cloud Hosting services, ensuring optimal website performance, scalability, and data security. With advanced infrastructure and 24/7 support, iWebHost’s cloud solutions guarantee seamless user experiences and rapid loading times. Our cloud hosting plans are perfect for businesses that need to scale their websites or applications quickly and easily.

    Cloud Hosting utilizes multiple virtual servers to ensure scalability and reliability, while Shared Hosting hosts multiple websites on a single physical server, sharing its resources among users.

    Yes, with Cloud Hosting, you can host multiple websites by managing resources and creating separate virtual environments for each site.

    Linux Shared Hosting is generally more cost-effective, provides better security, and supports a wider range of programming languages and open-source applications.

    Most WordPress Hosting providers offer migration services or plugins that facilitate a seamless transfer. You may need to back up your data, install WordPress on the new host, and import your content.

    Yes, one of the primary benefits of Cloud Hosting is its ability to scale resources up or down according to your website’s needs, ensuring optimal performance during traffic spikes or lulls.

    Shared Hosting plans typically come with a limited number of email accounts. The number of accounts allowed depends on the hosting package you choose.

    You can enhance WordPress security by keeping it up-to-date, using strong passwords, installing security plugins, enabling SSL certificates, and regularly backing up your data.

    Linux Shared Hosting is not designed for Windows-specific applications. You would need a Windows Shared Hosting plan or a dedicated server with Windows OS for such requirements.

    iWebHost servers are reliable and secure, with full daily backups of all website files. iWebHost offers both Windows and Linux servers, so you can choose the platform that best suits your needs. With iWebHost, you can be confident that your website will be up and running 24/7, no matter what.

    A shared server is a server that is shared by multiple users. This means that each user’s website or application will share the same resources, such as CPU, memory, and storage. A dedicated server is a server that is not shared by anyone else. This means that the user has exclusive use of the server’s resources.

    SSD dedicated servers offer several benefits over traditional hard drive-based servers. These include:

    • Faster performance
    • Higher reliability
    • Lower power consumption

    There are several different types of dedicated servers, including:

    • Physical dedicated servers
    • Virtual dedicated servers
    • Cloud dedicated servers

    The most common operating systems that can be used on a dedicated server are:

    • Linux: Linux is a free and open-source operating system that is popular for dedicated servers.
    • Windows: Windows is a commercial operating system that is also popular for dedicated servers.
    • BSD: BSD is a family of Unix-like operating systems that are popular for dedicated servers.

    There are two main ways to manage a dedicated server:

    • Self-managed: This means that the user is responsible for managing the server, including tasks such as installing and configuring software, monitoring the server, and performing security updates.
    • Managed: This means that the user outsources the management of the server to a third-party company. The third-party company will be responsible for all aspects of managing the server, including tasks such as installing and configuring software, monitoring the server, and performing security updates.

    Some of the security considerations for dedicated servers include:

    • Keeping the server up to date with the latest security patches.
    • Using strong passwords and security measures.
    • Monitoring the server for suspicious activity.
    • Backing up the server regularly.

    There are several different ways to troubleshoot a dedicated server, including:

    • Checking the server logs.
    • Using a remote desktop connection to access the server.
    • Running diagnostic tools.
    • Contacting the server’s hosting provider.

    The following factors should be considered when choosing a dedicated server:

    • The type of website or application that will be hosted on the server.
    • The amount of resources that will be needed by the website or application.
    • The budget for the dedicated server.
    • The level of support that is needed.

    iWebHost ensures top-tier Security & Backup solutions. Advanced encryption safeguards data, while automated backups prevent loss. Multi-layered security protocols fortify your online presence. Trust iWebHost for robust protection and seamless recovery, empowering you with peace of mind and business continuity. With iWebHost, you can rest assured that your website and data are in good hands.

    CodeGuard Website Backup is a cloud-based backup service that automatically and securely backs up your website’s files and databases. It continuously monitors your site for changes and allows you to restore previous versions in case of data loss or website compromise.

    CodeGuard helps improve website security by creating regular backups of your website, ensuring that you can quickly recover your data in the event of a security breach or hack. Having reliable backups reduces downtime and minimizes the impact of potential security threats.

    Comodo SSL Certificates are digital certificates that provide encryption and authentication for websites. They ensure secure communication between a user’s browser and the server, protecting sensitive data like login credentials and credit card information from being intercepted by malicious actors.

    Having a Comodo SSL Certificate adds a padlock icon to the browser’s address bar, indicating a secure connection. This builds trust among your website visitors, assuring them that their data is safe and increasing your site’s credibility.

    SiteLock Website Security is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to protect websites from various online threats, including malware, vulnerabilities, DDoS attacks, and other security risks. It performs regular scans and actively prevents potential threats from harming your site.

    While no security solution can guarantee 100% protection, SiteLock Website Security significantly reduces the risk of your website getting hacked. It actively monitors for vulnerabilities and malware, takes proactive measures to block potential threats, and alerts you to any security issues that need attention.

    SiteLock’s DDoS protection uses advanced traffic filtering and rate limiting techniques to mitigate Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. DDoS attacks aim to overwhelm your website’s servers, causing downtime and disruption. SiteLock helps prevent this by detecting and mitigating these attacks, ensuring your website remains accessible.

    Yes, these services are suitable for various types of websites, including small blogs, e-commerce platforms, business websites, and large corporate sites. Whether you have a personal blog or a complex web application, implementing robust security measures and reliable backup solutions is crucial to safeguard your website and data.

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