What Is Google Workspace? Know it in Detail

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    In an era where professionals prefer digital collaboration, more than 6 million companies are using Google Workspace for some or the other purpose. With a set of productivity tools, these organizations can now foster collaboration and streamline communication at the workplace. So, through this article, you will know about Google Workspace in detail and how it can empower organizations. 

    Apps that are part of Google Workspace

    Numerous apps are available with most editions of Google Workspace. These are designed with the aim of enhancing collaboration and productivity. Here are the apps that you will come across in Google Workspace. 

    1. Gmail
      While you use the email service for managing emails, you can use an email address with the domain name of your business. With the integration of GPT, you can also compose emails smartly and reply instantly.  
    2. Google Drive
      This drive offers a lot of space on the cloud to store and share files from any device. Through Google Drive, you can also edit documents and make visually appealing presentations using Google Docs and Google Slides. 
    3. Google Calendar
      A busy day can certainly let you forget about forthcoming events. But, with Google Calendar, you can schedule events as it integrates with Google Workspace apps and Gmail.  
    4. Google Meet
      This video conferencing app helps you conduct virtual meetings and video calls. It also accommodates a large number of individuals and enables you to share the computer screen at any instance.  
    5. Google Chat
      This messaging app is used specifically for communication within the team. Apart from direct and instant messaging, you can also proceed with group chats. For seamless collaboration, you can later integrate Google Chat with other apps present in Google Workspace.  
    6. Google Forms
      This tool helps build custom forms for surveys. You can also use it when you’re thinking about online quizzes. By adding different question types, you can further make the quiz interactive and engaging. 
    7. Google Sites
      This is nothing but a website-building tool that can help you design websites with no coding knowledge. Designing websites becomes a whole lot easier because of many templates and drag-and-drop tools. 
    8. Google Keep
      As you start using Google Keep, you can stay organized across a hectic day. While you set what’s always important, reminders will help you stay on track. The tool also enables you to collaborate on notes with your team members. 
    9. Above all, you can explore many apps through the Google Workspace marketplace. These can seem essential for your business or can be used for a different purpose altogether. The list is endless, and you will immediately fall in love with the apps once you download and start using them. 

    What Do You Need To Access Google Workspace?

    There are numerous things that you need to access Google Workspace or G Suite in addition to a computer.  

    1. Strong Internet Connection
      As Google Workspace is a service based on the cloud, you will need a web browser to access it. You will also need a stable and reliable internet connection to use various features. However, the internet speed will depend on why you often prefer using Google Workspace. If you are going to access Gmail, Google Drive, and edit documents in Google Docs, then the internet should be around 2 Mbps. But if you’re going to use Google Meet for video calls, then the internet speed between 2 Mbps and 3.2 Mbps is sufficient.  
    2. Google Account
      When you need to sign in to Google Workspace, you will need a Google account. If you don’t have an account, you can create one by visiting As soon as you log in to the account, you can use Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and other services. 
    3. Google Workspace Subscription
      While some features of Google Workspace are available for free, others, like shared calendars and additional storage, need a subscription. You can get a subscription either through Google or a reputed reseller.  
    4. Mobile App or Web Browser
      Web browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla can be used to access G Suite apps. Alternatively, you can also use mobile apps that are available on iOS and Android smartphones. But, currently, people prefer using the Google Chrome browser because it enables them to access Workspace apps and use the browser’s features.  

    Besides the things stated above, many organizations may consider purchasing computer accessories to enhance the experience with video calls. 

    Why should you consider paying for Google Workspace?

    Upgrading to a paid plan for Google Workspace can certainly be advantageous for your organization.  

    1. Exudes Professionalism
      Whenever you consider a Google Workspace solution, you can configure the solution with the company’s domain name. As you have an email address with the domain name at the end, it enhances credibility for your business. This is important when you’re running a business and want to present it with professionalism.  
    2. Increased Storage Capacity
      As you opt for a paid plan, it usually covers more storage space for Google Drive. Additionally, you also get a lot of space for storing images on Google Photos. This is crucial when you have plenty of files that you need to store at a certain location.  
    3. Better Security
      Paid plans usually come with advanced security features. These include tools to prevent data loss, two-factor authentication, and those for detecting phishing and malware attacks. Hence, sensitive information is always protected after the deployment of a Google Workspace solution. 
    4. Additional Tools
      Google Workspace offers plenty of productivity tools, apart from Google Drive and Gmail. These tools are Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Calendar, and Google Meet. Besides, you can use advanced collaboration features in Google Docs and accommodate many individuals in Google Meet.  
    5. Enables Customization
      A paid plan allows you to customize Google Workspace based on your needs. This might include custom email addresses and administrative controls for the management of users. 

    Finally, we would recommend buying Google Workspace from an authorized reseller. When you choose iWebHost India as a Google Workspace reseller, you can trust the team’s expertise in managing Google Workspace accounts. We also provide customized solutions depending on your business needs and can help you choose a suitable plan. Ongoing support is also what we offer when you start using Google Workspace. 

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