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    In today’s business world, many organizations find it tough to boost productivity. However, organizations can stay productive with Google Workspace. They can use different features associated with Gmail, Google Drive, and more. Google Workspace apps can also enhance the flexibility of working from any location. But if you truly have no idea about productivity features, check out these Google Workspace tricks.  

    1) Use a Google Drive link to send large files
    By default, Gmail lets users email 25 MB files. However, you can transmit files larger than 25 MB by uploading them to Google Drive. Once you upload the files to Google Drive, you simply have to click on the icon in the ‘Compose’ section and select the desired file. This feature will not only save considerable time but also save data bandwidth. You will also abide by the data loss prevention and data label restrictions when you start using the feature.  

    2) Use Google Drive’s scanner to convert photos to text
    When you use the Google Drive app, it lets you scan to generate new files. You first need to select ‘Scan’ after clicking ‘+’ on the Drive icon. This will capture the document in the form of an image for subsequent PDF saving. Ultimately, you can copy and paste the text across the pdf file and save it as a document. However, before you proceed with the steps, you have to ensure Google’s compatibility with different devices. If you wish to gain the most from Google Workspace, then you can use several apps on various devices.  

    3) Use Voice typing to create a Google document
    Creating a lengthy document can be tedious and time-consuming. Hence, if you wish to save time in creating the document, you can use Google’s Voice Assistant. You first need to choose ‘Tools’ and then ‘Voice Typing’ on the blank Google document. Once you start speaking, the blinking microphone icon will capture the words and present them on the Google Doc. To enable the option, you can alternatively press ‘Ctrl + Shift + S’ and press the keys simultaneously.  

    4) Create Docs and share them with team members
    After you have finished creating a Google Doc, you can share it with your team members by clicking on the ‘Share’ option. This will enable others to view the document and edit the content wherever required. Besides, the team members can also leave behind comments to present their thoughts regarding certain sections of the document. But if you only want certain team members to edit the document, then you can set the access accordingly. 

    5) Use auto-respond for Gmail
    If your mailbox is flooded with many emails, then this is one of the Google Workspace tricks that you must consider. When you include suitable text through the ‘Automated Response’ feature, a suitable reply is sent to the emails. This feature is useful when you’re not working or have taken a long holiday. To use this feature, you have to first go to Gmail settings under the ‘General’ section and type what you want to convey through the reply.  

    6) Consider emailing the daily agenda to yourself
    When you have to organize your tasks before commencing the day, you can use Google Calendar. As you start using this feature, you can set reminders that will pop up automatically. Additionally, you can email yourself the daily agenda. You can simply go to “Google Calendar” settings and set the Daily Agenda under “Other Notifications.” Once you use this feature regularly, you will not miss any important meetings.  

    7) Organize emails with Labels
    Searching for an email in your inbox can take a lot of time when you have to go through a long list of emails. But, through labels and filters, you can prioritize incoming emails and set them aside under different categories. This will help you find the email in a few seconds. You simply have to click on the suitable label and choose the email you want to view. Beyond this feature, you can also spare some time away from your hectic day to create email templates. This will save you time whenever you’re composing repetitive emails or sending meeting agendas or project proposals.  

    8) Use the ‘Dial-in phone’ option for incompatible browsers
    If you can’t actually afford to miss an important meeting due to an incompatible web browser, then this is one of the Google Workspace tips just for you. Once the meeting organizer starts the online meeting, you can quickly use the dial-in phone option. But you can use this feature only when you have the phone number and PIN from the organizer’s end. On the flip side, if you have the older version of the web browser installed on your computer, then download the latest version from ‘Google Meet Help’.  

    9) Schedule emails through an option under the ‘Send’ button
    Now, before we move ahead with this feature, let’s consider a scenario. Just imagine that you have completed your tasks for the day and you have to rush due to some urgency. In that case, you can compose the email and enter the recipients’ email addresses. Later, you can schedule the email just by clicking on the inverted arrowhead present on the right side of the ‘Send’ button. Once a box appears, you only have to select the date and time.  

    10) Master Advanced Search for finding emails
    A long list of emails in the mailbox can just make it uneasy to find a certain email. Hence, when you are about to search an email, you can use some operators with the text you type in the search bar. For instance, if you have to trace an email from a specific sender, then use “from” with the @ sign and the domain name. You can also include the date on which you have received the emails.  

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