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iWebhost Hosting allows a customer to customize their hosting experience, select the software and applications that are best suited to the needs of their website. Dedicated server hosting is typically more reliable, stable and secure. A business that utilizes iWebhost Hosting does not need to spend time worrying that their site will be offline. Some of the advantages of having a dedicated server with iWebhost Hosting are enumerated below:

Greater Reliability
You do not run the risk of the server being slowed down, swamped with traffic, or crashed by another site on a shared server.

As nobody else has access to the server you can be sure of having a much greater degree of security

Custom Configuration
If you need to install special software or configure the server to your own particular needs then iWebhost Hosting is the solution.

Custom Firewall
Run your own custom firewall to enforce your own access control policy.

With iWebhost branded resources such as processor power, memory and disk space you are guaranteed for the performances. More memory, disk space or extra processors can be added as the need arises.

Our live 24/7/365 support is there for you when you need it most, and that's a promise! Your online business deserves professional, accurate and rapid support. iWebhost Hosting's one-to-one managed support delivers, so your business can operate smoothly without any interruptions.

Satisfied Customers
What do you get when you combine experience creating custom solutions plus state-of-the-art technology plus excellent customer technical support? You get satisfied customers.

Learn the specifics about our world-class network.

  • Global 24/7/365 Network Operations Centers in Chicago, Austin, Tampa, Vancouver, London, Seoul, Frankfurt and Sydney
  • End-to-End Fault Tolerance
  • Clustered Server Architecture...

Service Level Agreement
We understand the necessity of high availability to our customers and make every effort to provide services that consistently exceed your expectations. We offer the multiple levels of service to ensure maximum availability and performance.The iWebhost Hosting SLA sets standards for service in these critical areas.

iWebhost has built its mission critical Internet data centers to provide world-class hosting for our customers.To ensure the fastest and most reliable routing of traffic, we have multiple connections to major Internet backbone carriers with OC-12 and Gigabit Ethernet connections using the BGP-4 routing protocol.