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Hire a Linux Administrator

Remote Linux Server Administration Services
With the open source technology booming we can see the number of Linux server migrations continue to skyrocket. Thousands of small and medium enterprises have adopted Linux successfully hence many client wondering on how to start up this venture and provide services for Linux To ensure maximum uptime of linux server one must have Linux server administrator .Most of the companies don't have luxury of IT staff who can do jobs like installation, upgrading of application/package, routine upgrades and maintenance.

Linux Server Administration Services:

  • Provide techincal support to webhosting company. webserver maintenance and   client support via Phone,chat and mail.
  • Remote installation and administration Apache, php, MySQL MySQL-raplication
  • Remote installation apache modules, php extensions, ffmpeg, ssl certificate installation
  • Remote installation and administration centos, RHEL, debain, ubuntu, and freebsd server.  Performance tuning with apache, mysql, and linux servers for high
  • Installation and administartions vmware and citrix xen servers
  • Remote installation, Configuration and maintenance of Databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB/2 on Linux.
  • Remote installation ,Configuration and maintenance of Mail-servers like postfix, Qmail, SquirrelMail
  • Remote installation ,Configuration and maintenance of Web-servers like Apache with/without SSL with DSO or static Modules, Samba ,
    Tomcat, JWS for Servlets and JSP with its integration with Apache.
  • Remote installation ,Configuration and maintenance of Fileservers like Samba, NFS, FTP
  • Remote installation ,Configuration and maintenance of Proxy Servers like Squid
  • Radius
  • DNS
  • DHCP Server and Client
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Serve
  • Network File System (NFS) Server
  • RAID Configuration
  • Network Interface Card (NIC) Configuration
  • Remote installation ,Configuration and maintenance of Firewall solutions on top of OpenSource Operating Systems (as proxyserver for
    http, mail, ftp ,Firewall-ip chains

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