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Application Deployment & Maintenance

    We've analyzed your business and made recommendations. You've selected your software and evaluated your functionality requirements and customization options. Collectively, we've made decisions based on your industry, your business goals, and your budget. You are ready to hit the ground running and to start realizing the benefits of your new solution. 

    Now is the time we enter into the application deployment and maintenance phase of the project. 

    Our team of systems engineers will act as your personal deployment team. They will:

    • Set parameters and configure your software solution to best fit your business environment
    • Implement selected hardware and software, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance
    • Carefully test your system to ensure each customization works to your satisfaction and that your new system is fully functional and stable

    Following the successful implementation of your software solution, Clients First will work with you to train end-users and help ensure you are realizing the full benefit of your solution. We will continue to support you throughout your entire product lifecycle, and will be available to answer questions and troubleshoot, perform updates, increase user capabilities, and add additional functionality as required. 

    We help you get up and running as quickly and cost effectively as possible.